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“Don’t you know.. 

that talking about a revolution 


like a whisper?”  

- Tracy Chapman

Why I created this new (almost) daily feature exclusively for Skillful Yogi members:

We all talk about wanting to live our yoga, but how we do it, exactly?

By remembering to lift our chest and roll our shoulders back when typing at the computer?

Is living yoga about remembering to breathe in tense moments?

When we’re inspired to do something nice for someone else, free of expectation, does that mean we’ve gone and done it, we’ve lived our yoga?

Of course, living our yoga is all this, and so much more. It’s something I think about almost every darn day, how can I make less and less separation between practice and the rest of my life? Even when life is busy, and time for formal practice is short, how do I still “do” yoga? Because I firmly believe, as a dear teacher once told me, that, “yoga is a path that takes all of us with it, no part gets left behind.” 

Yes, yoga is a complete path, if we choose to make it so. Shall we get to it?

There’s a lot of cheap, often loud “wisdom” being broadcast out there. Quotes, memes, videos all designed to blast inspiration into our lives. And they do work, I find, to uplift us, for at least a minute or so.

But the real juice? In my experience it’s whispered, not screamed. True wisdom descends sweetly, quietly, like the whisp of a feather against your cheek, or a sweet bird song, or the sound of a gently flowing stream.

Because truths that illuminate, that enlighten, that imprint our minds and hearts with lasting inspiration, arise from the expanded, mystical realm beyond the thinking mind, it makes sense then, doesn’t it, that they are subtle, nuanced, intricate, and delicate as gossamer butterfly wings. 

The Yogi Home Companion is just this. It is the whispered, nuanced voice of the truth, beckoning you home. Like a dear friend, it lovingly reminds you of the power of a simple shift in perspective, and encourages you to step into your true potential and purpose. It is the voice of your highest well-wisher, nudging you toward fulfilling your highest vision for yourself. Like the sunrise, it reminds you of what’s possible today, here and now.

The Yogi Companion is a balm to the spirit because it is the voice of timeless wisdom that is our own, that belongs to everyone. From my heart to yours.

It's the voice that welcome's you home.

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