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Over the past few weeks I've witnessed hundreds of geese flying over my house making their way south. 

Seemingly so one-pointed and determined, they fly in one direction, and then all of sudden will take a different turn, come and land in the field near our house and chill for a while. Then, they keep going.

Keep on going. It's the lesson I'm taking from the geese.

I'm in the final stages of my book. After three years, I'm getting to the finishing touches I had once fantasized about. "Won't it be incredible when I finally ask permission to quote people in the book?", "Won't it be amazing when I start thinking about my launch party?" "Won't it feel great once I've completed the bibliography, write the acknowledgements and the dedication?" 

All of this is happening. Thers is still so much more to be done to bring this work to fruition. My approach? Well, it's the geese who've taught me...Just. Keep. Going.

I have no idea how this book will be received.

I have no idea if it will resonate.

I have no idea if it will be a success.

But, in a way, I feel like it's not my concern.

My job now is to simply keep going.

So, over to you...

🦆 Where in your life do you know you simply need to keep going? 

🦆 In what situation, project, or circumstance can you apply the lessons of the geese today, to simply keep on moving, even if means changing direction, or even chilling for a while?